Our Dream

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life” — Proverbs 13:12


Hope is a word not spoken much in Haitian Creole.

“Espere” (hope) isn’t talked about much because so little becomes reality.

It is replaced with the harsh realities of day-to-day survival.

One of the most common sayings of Haiti is “Deye mon, gen mon“, that is, Behind the mountain, are mountains. It is statement that holds little in the way of hope. Our heart is to change that in the lives of these children. In fact, we hold a new mantra for HH4H; “Deye mon, se espwa“, meaning, Behind the mountain, there is hope!10302737_10153059356235568_677353374953123687_n

We often surrender our dreams and hope while “waiting for the other shoe to drop” when we think of all the nuts and bolts of HOW it will happen.

Haitians quietly hope, if at all. They dream of a future Haiti they can be proud of. But so often corrupt politicians have fleeced the country of money and resources and left the people with empty, unfulfilled promises. Survive or die is the norm; there is little room for hope.

But this must change. Helping Hands 4 Haiti is committed to lending a “hand” to help them realize their dream of a family, career, and a future and yes, a HOPE.

The Dream

The DREAM of HH4H is one that has become clear to me from the mouth of many Haitians as I have visited and talked with them. The ability to provide for themselves seems to be so elusive at times. Children growing up in an orphanage setting that has little means to develop social skills for practical society. Simple things like knowing how to handle money becomes difficult. Most have had no one to help them identify their gifts or skills for the purpose of developing a trade to become self-sufficient. This is not an indictment on orphanage workers; rather it is a common problem facing thousands of Haitians every day. This cycle MUST stop.

We want to help Haitians train into new jobs. By a series of interviews and testing, we would make a concerted effort to find each young man and woman a place where they can excel. Apprenticeships will be sought out with an agreement that the worker can either work for the trainer or the apprentice would agree to not begin their business in the area of their trainer. In return, the new worker would agree to train others in the program as they continue to grow in their craft.

Whether it be welding, carpentry, masonry, seamstress, farming, teacher or minister, we want to help these young people succeed. This will help build a better Haiti by helping Haitians becoming educated, trained, confident adults and responsible members of society. This is the seed of change. This is the practical side.

But Helping Hands 4 Haiti as a faith-based, Christ-centered organization. Therefore, we are more than a humanitarian aid group. While food and shelter is important, it must be coupled with the Word of hope in the person of Jesus Christ. Without it we are just another NGO (non government organization) placing a bandage on something very broken. We believe Christ is the answer and IS the Word of HOPE and HELP!!


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