Here is what a few people are saying about HH4H and our work in Haiti!



Jonathan and Michelle Carver have a great burden for the people of Haiti, so much so, they have actually adopted Haitian children into their loving home! They have considered the cost, and they have taken steps to leverage their lives to make a difference on the island of Haiti by forming their own ministry. I would encourage anyone who has a heart for children’s ministry to take a look at the work the Carvers are involved in, and I am sure, you will find yourself working with them in the future!

 Sean Warren former Director of International Missions for General Baptists

Pastors are confronted with ministry opportunities every day, not the least of which is the chance to sow into another ministry as they take the good news to another part of the globe. Our ministry has turned many of these requests down, as there is no personal connection with the minister or no partnership with the message. It is vitally important to me to partner together with an organization that is equally yoked with us in taking the message of Christ’s finished work and his radical love and grace to a needy world. This is why I highly recommend Helping Hands 4 Haiti and their founding partners, Jonathan and Michelle Carver. Not only am I personal friends with the Carvers, our relationship goes back over two decades. In that time, we have shared together and grown closer, both in our ministries and in our revelation and understanding of the love of God. Paul White Ministries, through our local church, Midland Church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, is a proud sponsor of this ministry team due to their unwavering love for the Haitian people and their solid commitment to presenting God as fully appeased and full of love. I can vouch for both the character and the integrity of the Carvers, as they truly live out the command of our Lord Jesus to “love one another, as I have loved you.”

 Paul WhiteMidland Church  and Paul White Ministries, Poplar Bluff, Missouri


From our team members

While In Haiti I saw Jesus’ love for me. I went with the notion that God was going to show me my life plan because I know he has already written it. But God knows me and that I am human, not capable of knowing the plan without trying to rush things. So instead of showing me what I wanted to know, he showed me what I needed to understand.

In Haiti there is so much poverty. People are living in tents, huts, and sleeping where they can find shelter. Children are asking for money or food in the streets. Orphans without shelter are asking for someone to take them in, to be their parents, and to love them.  God showed me that we are all dying; we are all orphans if not for his grace and mercy to adopt us all into his family, every race, gender, and age, not just the people who are kind but the people who are so blinded by sin and do terrible things. He wants us in our shame, our lust, and our greed.

What I had to realize was that it’s not about me anymore; it has to be about Christ. I thought I had the right intentions about going to figure out what God has for me, but I was looking at it wrong. I was looking for God to give me a checklist. Once I did it, my life would be easier from then on out. But living for Christ is more than just accepting him as our Savior and then living how we think seems fit. We have to Love. We have to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When he died and rose, he gave us power, he gave us purpose, and he gave us life (John 14:11-14). We cannot waste it. Jesus said, “What you do unto the least of these you have done unto me…” Matthew 25:31-46.  We must not do this out of obligation; we must do it out of love (Corinthians 13).

So I encourage you to fall in love with Jesus and to fall in love with his people, to die to yourselves daily so that you might live (Galatians 2:20). Mission trips like these give you the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus by showing love and by showing patience when things don’t go exactly the way we plan.  Mission trips enlarge your perception of life and deepen your understanding of Gods love. You have a week to fully listen to God and give him all of yourself without the distractions in your daily lives.

I have been asked why would you go out of the country to help someone when there are people here you could help? And I give you the great commission to go into all nations… Matthew 28: 16-20.  Yes, we all have to be hands and feet here in our home with the different sects of people that are here, but I cannot ignore the need for help in other nations.  He said go into the entire world and preach the gospel, so I encourage you to live out this call. It is not for preachers or missionaries; it is for all who are God’s children. So GO! Go and serve God. I promise you will never regret it.

Don’t wait for opportunities. Go find them.

 Dana Huntcollege student Morgantown, Kentucky

Our first trip to Haiti in 2011 changed our life forever. We take for granted our way of life, thinking everyone is about the same. Not true! We have food, water and a bed to rest our head at night. It was so sad to see all of the damage from the earthquake and to see how they had to live. It was so hard to see the kids knowing they had very little food or water. It was such a blessing to see all of their smiling faces when simply given a piece of candy. We have been to Haiti twice now and we WILL be going back. We hope and pray if anyone is thinking about a trip, you should just do it! God will bless you for it. He has even blessed us with two beautiful Haitian grandchildren!

Vernon and Patricia Dockerysemi-retired couple, Scottsville, Kentucky

My trip to Haiti with Helping Hands 4 Haiti was not my first trip, but it was definitely the BEST trip! Jonathan and Michelle create a team environment, where everyone has input on activities of each day. We filled each day as much as we could, so we got as much work done, and made as much of an impact in 6 days as we could. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but anxious for what the next would hold. The end of the day was one of my favorite parts: devotional. We came together as a group and discussed the victories and/or challenges that we faced that day. We encouraged, loved, and lifted one another up. We consulted our Bibles for encouragement to keep working. We were there because God called us, and everything we did came back to Him. We ended each day with a group prayer, leaning on one another. The people I served beside on this trip became life-long friends. We laughed together, cried together, and most of all, served in the name of Jesus together.  This trip made such a huge impact on my life; and I dream of the day when I’m able to return.

KateHigh School Teacher – Florida

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