The past few months have like a whirlwind. Upon returning from our month-long stay in Haiti we were full of good intentions and things to accomplish. Then the thing we knew would happen-did happen…the post-Haiti crash. While we are there, the rush of adrenalin and busy-ness keeps your mind so occupied that the wear and tear of being what we call “a block from the sun” causes your brain to eventually get the message to your body saying, “You need to rest”! That, coupled with Michelle getting a bug of some sort on the trip home, caused a significant dent in our good intentions.

Coming home for me was even more challenging because as I have started a business that is run from my home, still raising two kids and being legal guardian for my convalescing grandmother gives little rest to the weary. I know you are probably exhausted just from reading this. In fact, I had to take a nap during this blog myself! Just kidding!

So, all the research we did while in Haiti became slightly hyphenated by life. Thus is this way of the state-side missionary.

I still call us missionaries. We are not there in body full-time but our hearts never leave and our thoughts rarely stray. We just have a very long commute. Seriously, we are so thankful for the good people we have on the ground in Haiti to help us keep things moving in the right direction.

As we began to recuperate, we assessed what our immediate needs were, as an organization to move forward. We were waiting on our website to go live and we needed to have some payment processing things in place on the website to be as user-friendly as possible but we ran into mountain after mountain. So much was hanging on a couple things to fall into place. Sometimes it is so easy to become disoriented and confused about what is the next bite to take out of this elephant sandwich.

Needing a payments solution for the website was a priority for us but discovered until we received our letter of determination from the IRS, we were dead in the water. So the scenario was first the 501c3 papers need to come in, website needs to be live, and payment solutions resolved. Well thankfully that has all happened in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Praise God!

During all that, we have struggled getting a handle on costs at the orphanage. We try to provide a balanced diet while keeping costs as low as possible. People don’t realize what it is like feeding 49 kids EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE MONTH, MONTH AFTER GRUELLING MONTH! Not once did our faith falter in what our assignment was even though re-evaluation of our method and application is a constant requirement.

We have accomplished a great deal in fairly short period of time, I remind myself. We have completely rebuilt the existing facility, discovered our property for relocation, established a good record of database for the children, sent 3 groups through the orphanage and managed to feed and clothe them for 6 months now. Not too shabby.

Last Sunday my altitude was pretty well below sea level but as our pastor preached a very inspiring message, God began to breathe new, fresh oxygen into my soul! I began to see and receive fresh ideas and inspiration. It was like moving from the smog of L.A. to the mountains of Colorado. Then He spoke to me and reminded me of what we did when we had ZERO money and how HE provided EVERY penny! In short, he didn’t remind me of financial things, rather he reminded me of HIS FAITHFULNESS! I resigned myself that day to remember He never promised I would have a bank full of money to do what God asked of me. Therefore, I will take joy in my provision knowing He will not let me down.

That, my friends, is the attitude that created altitude!