10625057_833877779990128_3688065345604908748_n    Meet Fransley (aka Dave), age 15. He is one of the older boys at Voice of the Children Orphanage. Fransley is one of those boys who has a tough exterior. When Jonathan and I would visit the orphanage he would stand in the back and not participate in any activities. He was kinda “too cool for school”. This past summer we hosted 3 mission teams and I witnessed so many amazing things, but one of the most amazing was Fransley.

When our first group arrived he introduced himself as Dave, OK we will go with that lol. For the first time he voluntarily went with all the other children for group activities.  10491220_787135811330992_4368489739657268614_nOne of the ladies noticed him stand off and invited him personally to color (something most kids in the states his age would NEVER do).

That day a total stranger, from a different country, who could not speak the language, broke the hard exterior and saw Fransley on the inside. She seen a young man who had talent, who was just waiting for his turn, she looked beyond what was on the outside and seen the inside. This looks a lot like what God does with us.


For the rest of the week Fransley didn’t go off by himself or stay far away from the group, he participated, he smiled, he was having fun, he was being a KID. You see Fransley and his 3 other siblings all live at Voice of the Children Orphanage, being the older brother, sometimes they take on the role of Mother and Father in their younger siblings lives, a role that is too common in Haiti for older children.

I was afraid once the first group left that Fransley would pull away and hide behind his tough guy exterior. But he didn’t. With each group he opened up a little more. Jonathan and I invited him and another young man to our guest house to paint a mural on the wall. They both did a wonderful job and he took so much pride in his work.10270542_792813890763184_9112566206442141526_n

Jonathan and I went back to Haiti in late September and Fransley was one of the first kids to greet us when we arrived at the orphanage. He looks different, not a haircut, not new clothes, but different. You know when you pour yourself into this kids it makes a difference and Thanks to the three mission teams this summer there has been a big difference.