When we first began coming to Haiti, the question of accommodations came up. In our American minds, we were accustomed to finding a motel, hotel, Bed & Breakfast or something of the sort. Little did we realize how different things were in Haiti. Not only were they different, they were EXPENSIVE! One would think on a developing country where poverty is rampant and the exchange rate fluctuates around 40 gourdes to 1 U.S. dollar, that inflation would not find its way to such an area. WRONG!

Thankfully, our host as we began to visit Haiti had a guesthouse/mission house where we could stay. The rates were per person as opposed to per room as in the states. But it did include food, which was a plus. Staying here sowed a seed in us that would later be very necessary.

As our vision and ministry began to unfold, it became clear that we wanted to do volunteer groups as a main part of our focus. We wanted others to be exposed to Haiti, their people and their need. In order to do this, we MUST have a house.

AS we began to look at these houses we simply were blown away by the cost. Not only was the rent high, but maintaining them is a daily chore. You cannot simply board up a house while you are gone. It is like a child and requires daily work.

As God continued to press us, we soon felt as if we were ready to take a huge step of faith. The story of how we ended up in Delmas 33 (very near the orphanage) is a miracle story too detailed for here. (Feel free to ask us to share it with you) Long story short, we stepped out to take the house on Rue Matial #14 in Delmas 33. It had everything we needed and plenty of space for groups!

As we continue to develop our vision, we will soon open this up to the public for short and longer term stays. We are constantly improving the property to make it as comfortable as possible. We are very proud to call this our home away from home.

If you come on a volunteer trip with us, this is your lodging. If you are interested in using this facility for your trip on your own, feel free to contact us for more rates and other information. *We will have special discounts for adopting families.