As we headed to Haiti this time we knew it would be a little different. We are getting ready for our summer trips. Jonathan and Wayne had a lot to do at the orphanage to prepare for the building projects and I had to make sure everything was lined up to ready to receive our guests.


We have been staying at a little hotel in Delmas 33 called Seven Stars Hotel and was planning our summer trips to be the same. As Jonathan and I sat down and did a little thinking we realized that our next step was going to have to come faster than we originally had thought.  We knew in time that HH4H would have a house and that we would open it up as a guest house and use it for our mission teams who come to Haiti with us. Well that time is NOW. We HAVE A HOUSE!


While we were in Haiti we looked at several different houses, some furnished, some not; some move in ready, some needed a lot of work.  We thought we had pretty much made our decision and was on our way to the house we had decided on when Michelet (our Haitian friend and translator) said “I will find you a good house in the area you need to be in”. Jonathan and I both knowing we had made up our mind what house to take. On our way he told us to “just turn down this road, this is a very good road, a very good area” Michelet said. And yes it was a very nice road, within walking distance to the orphanage we work at.  He then asked Jonathan to stop the car and asked an older man sitting on the side of the road if he knew of any houses for rent in the area. Much to my surprise the man said yes, follow me; and walked across the street and pointed to a gate and said here.  We all got out of the car and waited for someone to open the gate, at this point I’m just doing this to be nice, I really didn’t think any thing would come of it. After waiting just inside the gate for the lady of the house to come outside, this very sweet looking grandma came out and greeted us. She asked us to come in and look around. The house was big and had plenty of space, there was a surprise when she took us downstairs and we seen another whole apartment area. She said that all the furnishings would be cleared out (which is what we were wanting) and that the house would be painted and ready, now for the bomb to drop. Can we afford it???


We all went out to the porch on front to sit and talk about the price. Jonathan and I both knew we could never afford anything this big. We asked her what her price per month was and sure enough wayyyyy to much. She in turn asked what we could pay. I really didn’t even want to go that far with it because we could not come very close to her number. I didn’t want to think we wanted it for nothing, however we have to be very smart with our money. We knew how much it would cost us to stay in the hotel with our mission teams and how much we could afford in renting a house and we had already found one that was doable. She wanted to know what we could pay. So we told her and she realized she really could not do that price; I think God had something else in mind.  Michelet asked to speak to the grandma by her self for a moment and they both came back in the room and said YES!  She said she would take it. When we asked Michelet what he said to her he said “I told her that you were here to help orphans, to help Haitians, to give men like me and Moise a job and that she too could have a part in this if she rented the house to us at a price we could afford. That she too would be helping orphans and Haitians just like her if she rented to us.” So then we started talking about the how, when and all that stuff in-between.  As we were about to leave she told Moise something to tell us.



She said she had been praying bout the house at church the night before and that night she had a dream and God told her he was going to send someone the next day. And guess who showed up? God is always in charge! Just when we thought we had the house we needed (not really wanted, but needed), God put us on a road, sat an old man on the side of the road and allowed us to not only bless this little grandma with an answer to her prayer, but to also bless HH4H with a beautiful BIG house that we wanted and need. Helping Haiti Guest House will be ready in JUNE, 2014. We will have guests through the middle of July and will be available after that for you to stay. Send me a FB message, email or call for any questions.