we need help

Note: HH4H Inc is partnered with Voice of the Children Orphanage in Port au Prince Haiti.

The following is a report of our current state of need with regard to our orphanage in Haiti. Please read and consider with an open mind and heart how God may speak to you about helping us help these children. We are trying to do things the right way.

Our current budget for the orphanage takes into consideration 3 basic divisions for funding of necessities: food, education, orphanage expense.

These 3 categories are funded by and large through the planned monthly sponsorships of the children. These sponsorships are $40 per month ($480 annually). We currently have 12 sponsors for 41 children. The total income to date is approximately $6000.

Food costs us about 650-700 per month or $7800-$8400 annually. We began in February and have continued to tweak the amounts of food as well as conduct portion control measures to be as cost effective as possible. We are very pleased with where we are currently from a cost standpoint.

Educationally, we had been given estimates on the cost of school for the children as Haitian school is not government funded and free. Our initial estimates were grossly incorrect. We were anticipating about $3000 in costs for the children but it is actually $9200. Needless to say, those are unanticipated numbers! Fortunately, we were able to go to the schools (4 different ones) and renegotiate the price successfully. We were able to get the annual costs down to $7360. However, the downside of this is we must pay $3985 UP FRONT (985 for uniforms, 3000 tuition and entrance fees). This will leave us with a semi-manageable balance but at least we can get them into school.

In addition to these costs, upon my visit, we had additional items that were not anticipated. IBSR (Fr. Institut du BienEtre Social et de Recherches), more or less social services, oversees things pertaining to children in Haiti. They deal with adoptions as well as orphanages. Unlike the U.S., this organization has little concern for the children of the nation, but unfortunately, we are forced to deal with them to be legal in the country. Upon partnering with the orphanage, we learned their bi-annual license fees had not been paid in 6 years. There was an arrearage of $1000 owed to IBSR/government. We paid these fees up in July. The result was a follow up inspection that surveyed the facilities, their income support structure, staff list, food supply, overall health and condition of the children. There were only a few points of contention. However, two of the points required fairly immediate responses. One, EVERY child MUST have a bed of their own. We currently have beds for 21 kids. We need 20 more NOW. Also, there is an area of about 35×25 that they require us to concrete as it has only packed earth.

We have estimated the cement work will cost us approximately $800. The beds currently are metal bunk bed frames.  I negotiated a price for 7 triple deck bunk beds for $1000(triple deck beds are a must due to area limitations). That will satisfy IBSR. In addition, we will need 20 new mattresses. We can obtain those for approximately $50 each ($1000).

Why comply with IBSR? First and foremost, we must legally. But secondly, only if we are properly licensed and sanctioned by IBSR can we obtain food assistance from the NGO system that currently exists in Haiti. UNICEF, World Food Program are just a couple of the recognized organizations that distribute food for orphanages with the one caveat; proper sanctioning from the Haitian government, namely IBSR.

In summary, we are in dire need of assistance. Below is a breakdown of our immediate needs:

  • $800 for concrete (labor and materials)
  • $1000 for beds
  • $1000 for mattresses
  • $985 for uniforms
  • $3000 for down payment of school for the year

Total immediate need:$6,785.

Please help us. Any amount of donation is appreciated. Every dime will be appropriated to these immediate needs. Help us lend a “Helping Hand”. If you would more info please contact us.