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Imagine the average American household with its 2.5 children and how handy it is to have children of the same gender. In my rearing, hand-me-downs were normal procedure for the children.

Things are the same in an orphanage and all things are shared and handed down as the children grow! But as you parents know, you can only hand down things for so long. Eventually they must be replaced.

We intend to have volunteer groups help us with bringing specific need items to Haiti. As we continue to catalog the children and monitor their growth it will help us to make the most of the most needed items.

As we proceed to the new facility in La Colline there will be a much better system of storing and arranging the clothes for the children so everyone will have adequate clothes for play, church and school. Shoes are a precious commodity in Haiti. It seems 90% of the poor people of Haiti wear sandals of some sort. Crocs are a big hit in Haiti because they are very durable in the hot and rocky terrain.

The current staff of Voice of the Children is only six people. As you can imagine, feeding and washing the clothes for 40 plus children 3 times a day is a HUGE ordeal. These lovely people do it without a complaint. Many times in the past these folks have not been paid because the money simply wasn’t there. We intend to be sure that doesn’t happen again.

As the move to La Colline commences, we intend to spread much of the chore responsibilities to some of the children as they are able. We believe in such a communal-type environment, everyone MUST pull their weight. This will be very important as we add children down the road and increase staff.

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