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In the biblical narrative of Nehemiah, Jerusalem was destroyed by an enemy king and soldiers destroyed city walls and burned the temple and enslaved many of the citizens thereof and carried them away to a foreign land.

Nehemiah was told of the state of his homeland and became obsessed with rebuilding it to its former glory. This narrative has become the perfect metaphor for our work in Haiti. Martina, the Director at Voice of the Children (a.k.a. Mama) is a widow of a pastor who died and left her with 40+ children to care for, besides a thriving school and church.

Pressured by the care of the children and now devoid of the financial core of the ministry, she moved from La Colline (45 minutes outside the city) to Port au Prince in hopes of finding more help from NGO’s and charitable organizations. In the meantime, the earthquake destroyed the church and school and emptied the orphanage building.

Our goal is to rebuild the walls and gate of the La Colline property and then renovate the spacious orphanage and eventually tear down the broken church/school and rebuild it and thus relocate the children back where they belong.


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Summary of the Nehemiah Project

  1. Phase 1 – Rebuild the Perimeter Security Wall
  2. Demolish existing unsafe structures.
  3. Prepare the grounds for garden and farm projects (animal raising).
  4. Begin smaller, earthquake resistant dorm-style housing for the children.
  5. Rebuild church and school with function and safety in mind.


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