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Moise reducedMoise Blanc 

Moise  (a.k.a. Moses)has worked for many organizations over the past several years in a variety of capacities. We are delighted to have him at the heart of our work in Haiti. He is a fine young man full of laughter, life and integrity. Moise works with our groups as a translator and security. He also acts as liaison for our affairs in our absence. He negotiates financial matters for us and is greatly useful in helping us manage the learning curve of doing ministry in their culture.

On top of of everything else, Moise loves Jesus and is subject to be caught singing worship songs as loud as possible!

Wayne Pagehugs 1

Wayne is a life-long friend to our family. He and his wife Irma live in Advance, Missouri. Wayne was on our first team trip and has been several times with us since. While Wayne does not look his age (75), his energy defies it even further! He has been instrumental in our work in Haiti, overseeing the construction projects. In addition, Wayne has a special relationship with the kids at the orphanage and is affectionately known as Mr. Wayne or the guy who wiggles his ears!



IMG_0355Fritson Geneus

Fritson is a longtime friend and acquaintance of Martina (Mama). When Mama’s husband died, the lack of a male role model was very challenging. Fritson felt compelled to assist her as often and as much as he could.

Fritson’s day job is a police captain in Kenscoff (part of Port au Prince). Often he would take a collection from his fellow officers on payday to help Mama buy food for the children. Upon meeting Moise on day, he asked him if he was to run across any Americans looking to help, please bring them their way.

Since we partnered with VOC, Fritson has been a great asset. He has assisted Moise many times with securing financial transactions for us and continues to provide a male influence in the orphanage on nearly a daily basis. He helps keep the lines of communication open with us while we are in the U.S. What a blessing Fritson is to us and the children!


Martina (Mama) Etienne944183_600409163336992_1580244565_n

Martina Etienne is a widow of a pastor. Her husband was such a man of vision and compassion. The facility at La Colline is a testament to the tremendous faith of a man of God. But when he passed away a few years before the earthquake of 2010, her life was in shambles.

Mama, struggled to provide for the children (her own as well as the orphans) and was pressured by people of the area that had become accustomed to the generosity of the pastor and she fled to the city with the children to find hope and refuge. Her sister agreed that she could stay on the property she owned in Port au Prince in Delmas 33. It wasn’t much but Port au Prince had more charitable opportunity for the children than did the more rural parts.

Mama is without a doubt, one of the sweetest ladies on earth. I have rarely seen anyone that would sacrifice so much so children can have something. How she has managed to stay alive along with these children is a miracle in and of itself.

Mama told us a story after we began working with them. She told us of a dream she had. In the dream she was crying and asking God how she would survive. In this dream, an angel came down to her and told her to stop crying. The angel said, “I have already sent someone to you”. With tears in her eyes, relating this story she said, “One week later, you and Michelle came to us!” God is always in control!

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