I was just about to drive up to McDonalds like I do most days and get me a $1 Diet Coke, I had been thinking about Haiti all morning and the children at the orphanage, about our traditions her in the US and just how silly they are. And how crazy it is how much money we spend on them. Then I decided to drive past McDonalds and keep that $1 and put it toward the orphanage. I realized I purchase at least one Diet Coke a day, most days 2. Look at what I could save, its CRAZY.

Then I began to think about Halloween, think of all the money people are spending on costumes, candy, decorating their homes, for WHAT???? Just so our children can get candy, that most of them don’t even like or need anyway. Is there a principal or life lesson to his silly holiday??? NO NOTHING!!!  Just think if everyone in just my small town of Scottsville took all their money they have spent on this “holiday” and used that same money to help someone in need, what could be done with that money.  We use to spend around $100 on candy each year. Now that $100 is going to go help children in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

I remember when Kerby and Kerlandy first came to the US and we started telling them about the “traditions” here in the US.  What we do for Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, July 4, even the tooth fairy, I think they thought we were all crazy. If you really stop and think about whats important “FAMILY” “GOD” “CHILDREN”.  Not how much we can spend, or how many different side items we can cook or how our house is decorated way better than anyone with our 5 Christmas Trees. And then the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, those are just ridiculous. We somehow forgot why we even celebrate most of these holidays.

I know a country that is a 4 hour plane ride from here that if a family has enough money to make supper for Christmas  that is enough. I’m not talking about the BIG dinners we have. I’m talking about a pot of soup.  The big meal they have in Haiti for Christmas and New Year is Soup. Its made with very little meat, cabbage, pumpkin and a few other veggies. If the family is blessed they will have enough money left over they can make SOUP.  We ad American’s have NO idea how blessed we are.


We (Jonathan and I) have some people against what we do in Haiti. They ask why we don’t help here. They say there are children starving here.  And I don’t disagree with that. However, there are government agencies that help here. There is foodstamps, there is free school, where the children can get a free HOT lunch. There is a free school bus to pick them up and take them to school. There are foster homes for children who are abused and neglected to go to for safety. Other countries have NOTHING. Children live on the streets and when I say children I’m talking about 7 and 8 year olds. They beg for food. They have NOTHING!!!!!   When I wake up every morning and I have electric, hot water and food in my kitchen I am BLESSED!!  There are times in Haiti even if you are blessed to have a home that you can go for days and weeks with no electricity. This is just another day in the life of a Haitian.  I know I get on my soap box from time to time about this, there are so many other countries in the same shape, I happen to know firsthand about Haiti, that’s why I use them.

There are some times I start to purchase something and I stop and ask my self do I NEED this or just WANT this?  Sometimes our wants take over the need!!!  I do know one thing I NEED to help these children in Haiti.  I challenge you to find something that you can do without. Even if it’s a Diet Coke from McDonalds, find something and take that money and put it back toward Mankind.   If you feel you would like to help support children in Haiti my husband and I have a 501c3 called Helping Hands 4 Haiti and you donations are tax deductable and 100% of the money goes to Haiti and feeds, protects, provides shelter, and sends 41 children to school. If you feel you should help in a different way, a different country or help here in your hometown, just help. Don’t stand back and think we will let someone else do it. Lets take a stand, we can help, we can make a difference!!!


This is my challenge to myself.  I Michelle Carver will NOT purchase any soft drinks or ice tea of any kind at any restaurant. I will only drink water if I go out to eat and I will take this money and help a child who has NOTHING.  I hope to change many things in my life and my family’s life. If you just take a minute and look around, I bet you can too.