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With any journey of faith, one only needs a sense of general direction and faith in a God who cannot fail to begin. It was no different for us. When we began to feel that part of our course was to be involved in the assistance of Voice of the Children Orphanage in Port au Prince Haiti, common sense said that it was difficult to tell children how much you love them when they are hungry. In addition, simple shelter and other basic needs took immediate priority for us. Therefore, we embarked on our new journey to take measures to secure the most basic needs of any human being.

The pictures in the video tell a story. When we first arrived, the facility was deplorable. The children were extremely malnourished; not by neglect, but rather by lack.

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In 2013 HH4H headed up 4 teams to remedy this problem. Starting in February we had a small group show up with budget money in hand with only a shell of an idea how we would achieve it. But thanks to our workers and financial partners, we have been able to make great strides to improve the daily lives of 43 children at Voice of the Children. Below is somewhat of a timeline of what was done at the orphanage:

  • built a shelter over the destroyed common area
  • repaired many broken items related to living quarters
  • demolished existing girls quarters
  • extended building past common area with a new girls room
  • Built new dining table and repaired the broken one
  • built onto first two sections with an adjoining pitch roof to completely enclose entire property
  • repaired boys roof leaks
  • created a guttering system to retrieve water for washing etc.
  • built and bought new beds for children
  • cleaned entire property
  • created a small gardening area
  • repaired front gate door
  • concreted floors throughout the entire facility

In addition, we added 300 square feet of new dorm room and 2 toilets and 2 new showers for the children, put a new roof over the entire facility, built a new common area and a new room for Mama as well as a food pantry. All of this would not have been possible without all the many volunteers that have served tirelessly in a labor of love! Below are a few highlights of then and now.

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