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As God continues to show us how to help the orphans, we realize we cannot ignore their real daily needs. We must provide food for them. God has birthed in us a plan to distribute food to them monthly. Our Child Sponsorships pay directly for this need. We provide rice, beans, oil, flour, corn meal, fish, seasoning, powdered milk, sugar, spaghetti, etc. for the kids to eat. We have been richly blessed with a relationship that enables us to provide this meals in a cost effective manner.

Each summer we hold examinations for the children to measure, weigh and continually assess the state of the children’s health and nutrition as well as the overall well-being. This helps us discover what we are doing well from a nutrition standpoint as well as helping continue to balance their diets and maintain health.  Additionally, we maintain a variety of necessary medications for he children on and off-site.

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We have also had the privilege of sharing quality clothing with the children as well as the staff at Voice of the Children. We catalogue every child in the orphanage so we can help them have decent clothes and shoes to wear. Our generous partners have been so kind to help us gather the necessary things for these projects.10846377_877861818925057_808609614092381725_n

As always, thank you for your generous support, as we continue to care for these children.10353542_877850728926166_8794409568499250773_n