Upcoming Trip

Here we are with only a few days before departing to Haiti for our longest ever trip. I am equally nervous and excited. Nervous because we have 33 people to host for the summer and also for the fact that we have exactly ONE WEEK to prepare our new guesthouse for our first group! Excited because, well, we get to go to Haiti!

I mentioned this being our longest trip ever. We have 3 consecutive weeks of groups. God give me strength! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sharing Haiti with our partners and friends and seeing it impact their hearts as it did mine 4 years ago. But there is so much we want to learn, so much we want to experience and do. I would love to feel what it is like to acclimate to life as a regular Joe living in Haiti, learning to adapt to the rigors without the pressure of guiding groups. Our vision is so big and our passion so strong, I feel I am not giving it enough time for ME to adjust culturally so I can see what escapes me in the short term busyness of ministry. But without our volunteers we could not complete the necessary work for the children. And besides, I know God can take a small gift a multiply it greatly when placed into the hands of a merciful Jesus! I want to be that broken bread and lunch!

Helping Haiti Guesthouse

Our journey has taken a significant new direction this year. With the addition of the Helping Haiti Guesthouse, we have added new responsibilities as well as new opportunities.  Who knows where it will take us, but Michelle and I have felt this was in our plan. WE just didn’t know it would be this soon.

I think of people with an entrepreneurial spirit and I have such incredible admiration. I mean, this country was forged by people just like those who have started things with a vision and passion and little else. They spent all of their money and energy, often fell flat on their face, learned from their mistakes and dusted themselves off and got up and did it all again! God help me to live THAT type of fearless life!

No risk, no reward as they say.

Why have a guesthouse?

The Helping Haiti Guesthouse will enable us to do a variety of things. First off, it will give US a place to stay and make good use of the funds we would normally give to someone else for a place to stay. Second, it gives us a much more intimate and private place for our friends, partners and volunteers to stay instead of giving those funds to someone else. Third, it provides much needed employment to a few Haitians that will help keep things going while we are in the states. Fourth, we will have opportunities to make new connections and broaden our networks and relationships with people that will stay at our house. And lastly, it will give us opportunities to pay back some of the generosity of people like our friend Rebecca that helped us when we needed it during our adoption. We hope to assist and host some of the adopting families during their costly adoption process. In short, THIS house is a MINISTRY!

Renewing our Purpose

Much of our time has been spent this year creating more awareness and procuring new streams of revenue and support for our ministry. As our vision and need grows, so does the requirement to broaden our base of support. Because of this, we haven’t spent much time in Haiti this year. Instead, we have driven thousands of miles and spoke in a couple dozen new churches. Thankfully, we have developed responsible and faithful Haitian staff  that are our “eyes, ears and feet” on the ground watching over our operation when we are not there. We feel this is how a successful mission should work. We do not have a messiah complex thinking WE are the hope for Haiti. God using us as willing and available vessels to share His love and help to give hope to people that will change other Haitians lives through that same love and compassion is the mission of our heart.

Prayer Request

We really need prayer for us and our volunteers as we try to avoid the Chikungunya virus that is currently invading the Caribbean area. It is a mosquito borne virus that gives one 3-5 days of a flu-like set of symptoms.  We have a large construction project to do and many other activities planned. Please pray for our protection as we work and bless the children of Haiti.

I believe God’s hand is upon our work. It has been from the beginning. We are so blessed to have received funding  and volunteers to do extraordinary things. We are only a small organization but God has given us favor and we are so thankful. Please continue to pray for us as we continue this labor of love.