In the United States a lot of kids look forward to turning 18. For some reason 18 seems to be a magic number that makes them an adult. Yes they can vote, sign up for selective service and are considered an adult in the court, we all know as parents they still need nurturing and guidance. Some of our 18-year-olds are off to college, some getting married, entering the workforce and military. However they still need us, they still need their parents.

When a child living at an orphanage in Haiti turns 18 they have to leave, not like leaving our home where we are just a phone call away and would travel the distance to help them in any way, they just LEAVE.


Most children in Haiti, if lucky enough to go to school, are still in high school when they turn 18. There are so many children who don’t go or miss a year or two because they could not pay for school (its not free) or the orphanage they were in could not pay for school, there fore its nothing to be in your 20s and still in school. These kids who live in an orphanage may not all be “orphans” most of the time their parents could not care for them “FEED THEM” and the choice to send to an orphanage in just hoping that they might not only get food but have a bed and be able to go to school. When these children live in an orphanage they really have NOTHING that belongs to just them.


Living in Haiti is hard, there are NO jobs, if you have a job to go to every day you are one of the blessed ones. A lot of people even set up a small table on the streets to try and sell things, just about everything you can think of you can buy on the street, people just trying to make enough money to eat that day


This just breaks my heart into 1,000 pieces. I look at their faces and know that very very soon we will have several children who reach this point in life. They will have to drop out of school and will be put out on the streets.   I love the smaller children in Haiti they are just too cute, but these older children with no hope, nothing to look forward too just breaks me. I am constantly thinking of what I can do, how I can help. I would love to be able to open a home to help them learn how to be an adult, how to be on their own, slowely, not just thrown into it at 18. I don’t know how this will happen and how I will come up with the money to make it happen but I know it will.